It’s hard to know when children are ready to graduate from a Bible storybook to the full Bible text. Somewhere along their faith journey, they become too old for story retellings, but they’re not quite ready to read the Bible without a little guidance.

Enter The Growing in Faith Bible, which is especially created for children ages 8–10. It features the full ESV biblical text, interspersed with colorful artwork, along with a host of other features:

  • 125 Bible Narratives describe 125 important events in the Bible, many surrounding the life of Jesus, in simple words. Each is matched with a beautiful, engaging picture.
  • Big Words highlight essential Bible words, explain what they mean, and teach why they are important for our salvation.
  • Big Questions and Answers explore difficult questions that come up as we read God’s Word.
  • Verses for Life are verses to remember that teach us about God’s love and our Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • Character Sketches teach us about 78 significant people in the Bible—their families, jobs, and other important facts.
  • Christ Connections explain God’s promises to send His Son throughout the Old Testament. In the Gospels of the New Testament, these features highlight the times Jesus clearly revealed He is God’s Son.

In addition, the Bible also features Luther’s Small Catechism, pre-written prayers, and a topical index. Everything is specifically geared toward early elementary students who are continuing to learn new words and discover more about their Savior.

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