In our modern age, networks connect people around the world, yet we struggle to remember our next-door neighbor’s name. We have access to more information than ever before, but this hasn’t solved the problems of discrimination, prejudice, or self-absorption. We have an excess of many things—gadgets, technology, cat memes—but nothing is more abundant than confusion.

This confusion also swirls around and seeps into the Christian faith. Non-Christians look at Christianity through layers of misinformation, and even Christians can get lost in a fog of opinions mixed with truth, confused about who they are and what they believe.

Clearly Christian takes the confusion head on. A. Trevor Sutton dispels one falsehood about Christianity after another and calls Christians to face the confusion as God’s people always have: proclaiming with their mouths and with their lives the only one who is truth, Jesus Christ.

People think Christianity is old-fashioned, judgmental, brainless, and political. But Sutton transforms this confusion into clarity, showing how Christianity is real, solid, and substantive. He explains people’s lives today, and it has real impact.

In this age of counterfeits and fakes, the world desperately needs clear Christianity: the real love and forgiveness of God, who is the Savior for real sinners.

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What People Are Saying about Clearly Christian

“Sutton utilizes a timeline of history, engaging discussion questions, biblical study, and witty humor to guide readers from the chaos of our world into a solid understanding of the value and presence of the Gospel in the midst of the challenges of our current cultural context.”

—Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW, LIMPH ; Author and Advocate at

“Sutton does a masterful job of reminding us that, as much as everything continues to change, the simple message of God’s grace through Jesus remains unchanged and is as relevant and needed as ever. Clearly Christian will humble you, challenge you, and inspire you to boldly live as a follower of Jesus in a lost and confused world.”

—Rev. Tim Niekerk, Senior Pastor, Salem Lutheran Church, Tomball, TX

“Trevor Sutton offers approachable theological insight to the weary Christian who’s overrun by today’s dizzying pace of information.”

—Seth Hinz, Assistant to the President—Web/Media Director, Michigan District, LCMS

“Twenty-first-century Christians need to know, defend, share, and practice their faith with authenticity and integrity. Clearly Christian weaves all four of these efforts together in one book.”

—Rev. Aaron Perry, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology and Leadership,Wesley Seminary, Marion, IN

“Counteracting a cliché-ridden culture and church, Trevor Sutton brings the disarming truth of the Christian faith into bold relief. Using historical insight, scholarly analysis, and practical conversation, Clearly Christianprovides a counterpoint to confused pious platitudes and reveals the refreshing goodness of God’s grace for the world.”

—Rev. Michael W. Newman, President, Texas District, LCMS;Author of Hope When Your Heart Breaks: Navigating Grief and Loss

About the Author

A. Trevor Sutton is associate pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Lansing, Michigan. He has published multiple sermons, Bible studies, and devotional books with various Christian publishers. Sutton holds an

MDiv from Concordia Seminary and an MA in writing and rhetoric from Michigan State University.

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