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It Is Time to Find Your Purpose through God’s Plan

Callings for Life: God’s Plan, Your Purpose gives hope to those struggling to find their life calling

As adults, we are often faced with the idea that we must have a singular purpose in life, something we were born to do. This could be opening the business we have always dreamt of, meeting the love of our life, contributing through a big charitable act, or starting a family. We are taught to believe that if we don’t do at least one of these things, we are a failure. Lucky for us, God teaches us that we don’t just have ONE calling in life but SEVERAL callings that make our lives endlessly filled with purpose.

Written by Rev. Dr. Jeffery Leininger, Callings for Life: God’s Plan, Your Purpose is directed toward younger adults who may be struggling to trust in God to find their purpose. During these unknown and anxious times the world is facing, Dr. Leininger notes that this book has “taken on a new energy and importance. More than ever we must strive to hear the voice of God, discern His calling upon our lives, and seek His will and purposes in every trial and circumstance” (p. ix). Callings for Life is relevant in every point in our lives and brings us much-needed hope that God has a plan for us.

Each of the following chapters is filled with encouragement and is written in a way that engages its readers:

  • Chapter 1: Callings
  • Chapter 2: Presence
  • Chapter 3: Diapers and Sippy Cups
  • Chapter 4: God Loves Dirt
  • Chapter 5: God-Given

Each chapter includes prayers, Bible verses and insights, and discussion questions designed to facilitate small-group conversation.

In a world that leads us to believe that our lives must be perfect, Callings for Life is a reminder that God has a purpose for us that is far more than striving for perfection and that our lives do not go to waste when we put all our trust in God.

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Praises for Callings for Life

“The journey of life is far from a clear path along a clean pathway. That’s why we need the Holy Spirit and God-sent guides. For decades, Jeff Leininger has been engaging young adults with an empathic ear. There’s something we all can learn from his learnings. Fastened to his stout academic credentials, this useful volume provides us with practical wisdom and spiritual winsomeness. Leininger presents examples from Rosa Young to Martin Luther, from Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Gudina Tumsa, making plain that the Light of the World works His saving plan within the everyday purposes of all of us.”

—Rev. Dr. John A. Nunes, President, Concordia College New York

“Dr. Jeffrey Leininger makes a welcome contribution to understanding God’s purpose for one’s life. Strongly grounded in Scripture and Luther’s writings on vocation, Dr. Leininger’s book develops contemporary applications that will enlighten and inspire a wide range of readers. I particularly appreciate his focus on recognizing the vocations God has given us in the present, ordinary circumstances of our daily lives.”

—Marilyn Reineck, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Concordia University, St. Paul

“Jeffery Leininger’s book gives us a glimpse into the heart of someone who cares deeply about the callings God gives to His own. Leininger has every reader in mind as he engages us with great Christians who lived their callings, especially when it was not easy. . . . In a day when we “sugarcoat” too much of life, afraid of struggle and challenge, Leininger reminds us we have a high and holy calling in Christ for His purpose.”

—Rev. Dr. Allan R. Buss, LCMS Northern Illinois District President

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