Much of what we know and hold so dear comes from what we learned and loved during childhood. The foods we loved growing up, the movies we enjoyed watching, and our way of learning right from wrong are all things that hold value in our adult lives. In the same way, the songs and hymns we learned as children are still imprinted on our heart and mind today, and they greatly shape our lives in a positive way.

One and All Rejoice continues the legacy of previous children’s hymnals. “It is imperative that each child have his or her own hymnal to become familiar with, use, and grow with,” says Jacob Weber, associate editor of music and worship at Concordia Publishing House. “Having their own hymnal will enable children to participate in group settings, use it for home devotional life, and share it with their friends who need to hear about Jesus.” This hymnal will help the church to pass down the faith we hold so dear to future generations, rooting them in the Word of God through hymnody for years to come.

One and All Rejoice is a hymnal and prayer book for K–8 students. It includes hymns, psalms, liturgies, Luther’s Small Catechism, creeds, and prayers. Each of these sections was carefully written and selected to be appropriate for children, but, as noted in the hymnal’s introduction, care was taken never to “sacrifice theological depth, poetic beauty, or musical excellence for the sake of triteness or sentimentality” (p. vii). With both older and newer hymns included, One and All Rejoice honors the historical importance of the music presented in it while adding to the church’s musical tradition, allowing hymns to hold the same value they have had through centuries of Christian worship.

Children love learning and remembering important information through music, and that is why children’s hymnals hold such deep importance to the church community.

Here are some of the features of One and All Rejoice:

  • 200 hymns and songs
  • 11 liturgies
  • 6 psalms
  • Luther’s Small Catechism
  • Index

One and All Rejoice is an excellent way to present the Word of God to children and to ensure God’s message stays with them for all their years to come.

For more information on One and All Rejoice or to order the hymnal, please visit or contact Lindsey Scheetz, Public Relations, by phone at 314-268-1303, or by email at