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A Simple Explanation of Christianity Surpasses 100,000 Copies Sold

“[Christians] should daily exercise themselves in the catechism,” wrote Martin Luther, “which is a short summary and, epitome of the entire Holy Scriptures.” With more than 100,000 copies of A Simple Explanation of Christianity sold since its release in late June, Christians across the country have not only been heeding Luther’s advice, but actively sharing the catechism with their communities.

Pocket-sized and designed to be shared, A Simple Explanation of Christianity is a 32-page, full-color edition of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. First written by Luther in 1529, this “handbook” remains one of the most profound summaries of the Bible’s key teachings and basics of the Christian life ever written.

As the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation approaches, congregations across the country are using A Simple Explanation of Christianity as an outreach tool at community events. Examples include:

  • Great Falls, Montana, where Peace Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran churches hosted a booth at the state fair where they shared copies of A Simple Explanation of Christianity with fair-goers.
  • St. Paul Lutheran, in Ida Grove, Iowa, is encouraging its members to share the booklet with their friends.
  • Trinity Lutheran in Fort Scott, Kansas, is sharing it with local college students.
  • Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Arlington, Texas, will be sharing 1,000 copies of A Simple Explanation of Christianity with flood victims in Texas.
  • St. John Lutheran in St. James, Missouri, will be sharing the booklet at the annual Grape and Fall Festival Parade.

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