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How to Solve a Problem like Millennials in the Church

New book to shine some light on today’s generation

Millennials are lazy, they are entitled, and they are addicted to social media. Millennials are just the worst. But is this really true? Are Millennials really as aloof as we make them out to be? And should that assumption prevent us from connecting with them and, more importantly, pointing them to Jesus? Not at all.

In Myth of the Millennial: Connecting Generations in the Church, millennial couple Ted and Chelsey Doering discuss engagement, relationships, and leadership among Millennials. This book explores common stereotypes of Millennials in order to bring the newest “problem” generation to the church, while offering some ideas for how those in previous generations can connect with and lead this one to Christ

Connecting with Millennials is simpler than you might think, and you and your church already have everything you need to engage this generation. You don’t need to renovate your church or a buy your pastor skinny jeans. Myth of the Millennial does two things: (1) breaks down common stereotypes of the Millennial generation to help other generations better understand this particular group of people; and (2) explores various ways the Church can best engage with Millennials and build strong intergenerational relationships. Because, ultimately, all this talk about generations and the Church isn’t really about the numbers or increasing church attendance but about one generation leading another to Christ.

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About Ted and Chelsey Doering

Rev. Ted and Chelsey Doering are church planters who live just north of the Millennial mecca that is Austin, Texas. They enjoy cooking (Chelsey), barbecuing (Ted), working on house projects, and laughing at the antics of their dog, Gus.

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