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This Book is Going to Tick You Off

Men today are suffering an identity crisis. Culture wants men to fail at being real men, preferring that men “chuck masculinity into the dustbin of history and take up the mantle of effeminacy under the banner of egalitarianism,” says Jeffrey Hemmer, author of the new release Man Up!: The Quest for Masculinity.

In Man Up!, Pastor Jeff Hemmer affirms that this loss of what it means to be a real man isn’t anything new. Hemmer unapologetically takes culture’s preconceived notions about what it means to be a man and throws them out the window as he explains what it truly means to be a man.

Hemmer cautions readers: This book is “not a call to assert your rights in a feminized culture. It’s a call, first of all, to fix your eyes and your hope on the Man up on the cross, and second, to find in His selfless sacrifice the perfect example for manliness in a self-indulgent, self-centered society.” So what does it mean to be a man? It means sacrificial living with Christ as your role model.

While Hemmer hopes that Man Up! “ticks you off,” men in all stages of life will appreciate this bold and refreshing perspective on manhood.

Praise for Man Up!

“Most Christian writers on the theme of manhood lean away from Scripture. They are not sure how to reconcile a meek, crucified God with a vision for valiant manhood. Jeffrey Hemmer moves toward Scripture and we should be glad he does. He reattaches righteous manhood to our historic faith without apology and sets us free in the process. Thank God.”

—Stephen Mansfield, New York Times best-selling author

Man Up! is for any man who is searching for the meaning in his life. Too many men live a life of quiet desperation and don’t have the tools and resources to live life to the fullest. Jeff Hemmer does a fantastic job of giving a clear map and guidelines to live a fulfilled life through God.”

 —Larry Hagner, founder of the Good Dad Project and author of The Dad’s Edge

“Hemmer writes, ‘This book is going to tick you off.’ It might. But this book is going to make every man look at Christ, the Bible, self, and other men in a whole new way, actually the original way given by God. It is rich in biblical insight, filled with engaging teachings from the Church Fathers, practical in the challenges men face after the fall into sin, and overflowing with the real Man, Jesus Christ.”

—Rev. Allan Buss, senior pastor at Immanuel Belvidere

Man Up! is a challenging read, certainly not for the faint of heart who like to be told that the ‘easy’ way and the ‘good’ way are always the same thing. Hemmer’s work will confront you, rebuke you, forgive you and inspire you to think twice and then think again about what it means to be a man in our current dysphoric climate.”

—Rev. Jonathan Fisk, KFUO Radio

“Wow! A must read book! Great insight and encouraging thoughts. Well done! Especially proud of the author, my son. Should have had this book 40 years ago. It is time to man up and make this a better place, time to start ‘loving, giving, serving, fighting and praying.’”

—Gary Hemmer, the author’s father

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