A quick glance at the evening news shows how deep the racial divide is today in the United States. Questions abound from politicians, reporters, community leaders and citizens: how can this divide be overcome? In One Nation under God: Healing Racial Divides in America, author Keith Haney addresses this divide, pointing to the only way true healing can occur: through Christ.

“I was not raised to hate my fellow man,” says Haney. “I believe deep in my heart that the Church needs to preach hope. Only the light of Christ can heal this fractured land. My desire was to be a part of the solution and not contribute to the problem.”

The racial hurt that is being expressed today was created over the course of hundreds of years. Yet the pain today is real, and the cuts are still deep. One Nation under God: Healing Racial Divides in America charts a pathway to begin the healing process. In the study, Haney reinforces the understanding that true healing takes time and intentional effort because forgiveness is not something humans can do on their own. This requires God changing human hearts as His people search through His Word.

For more information about One Nation under God or to order the Bible study, please visit cph.org/healingracialdivides. For more information on the author or to request a review copy, please contact Lindsey Martie, Public Relations, by phone at 314-268-1303 or by email: Lindsey.Martie@cph.org.

Praise for One Nation under God: Healing Racial Divides

One Nation under God: Healing Racial Divides in America is biblical, thoughtful, reflective and interactive in its approach to help us heal racial division. This is a wonderful resource for individual congregations and sister congregations to walk and work through the healing process of race and racism in our community as One Nation under God.”

—Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray, Jr., Director of Black & African Ministry, LCMS Office of National Mission

One Nation under God: Healing Racial Divides in America takes an honest, raw and courageous look at the very real racial divide we are experiencing today, bringing the healing and restoring truth of Jesus Christ the Reconciler and Healer into the equation. If you want clarity in perspective and a clear course of action for racial reconciliation, dig deeply into this study.”

—Rev. Mike Newman, Mission and Ministry Facilitator for the Texas District, LCMS

“When you find your identity in Jesus Christ alone, all our relationships are transformed in Him! Rev. B. Keith Haney applies this powerful truth to the issues of racism and racial reconciliation that transcends politics and preference, bigotry and ignorance and roots that path from racial divide to faith-inspired reconciliation in the person and work of Jesus Christ for all. If you dare to engage this study you will find yourself vulnerable to the truth and grace of God in Jesus. And, in Christ, as you listen, as you empathize, as you share. . . His ‘bridge-building will’ gets done and that’s the solution that we all need. Study hard, you’ll be blessed if you do!”

—Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, Speaker, the Lutheran Hour

“Racial issues are always with us in the United States. Government and social agencies have been working for decades to bring about true healing, justice and peace. And while, thanks be to God, there’s been some progress, overall those efforts are far from successful. The only place this fallen world can find true healing, justice and peace is God’s Word: the wisdom of the cross and all that comes with it. Rev. Keith Haney’s Bible study takes us through many applicable Scriptures, and that is what we all need for the healing we so deeply need in this country. I gladly endorse One Nation under God.”

—Rev. Dan P. Gilbert, President, Northern Illinois District

“Grounded in the Word of God and utilizing Law and Gospel, Pastor Haney’s timely study of some of the racial tensions in the United States of America facilitates a thoughtful and needed conversation about the overtly sinful thoughts, racially-driven assumptions and divisive behaviors that destroy community, and the radical, reconciling love of Christ Jesus who not only models the restoration of communities but who works the very forgiveness, life, and salvation that nurture the true promise and fuel the lasting hope that are quintessential to the Church’s cruciform identity as a reconciling agent in the world.”

—The Rev. Dien Ashley Taylor, Ph.D.; Pastor, Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, The Bronx, New York; First Vice-President, LCMS Atlantic District

About the Author

An ordained pastor for over 20 years, Rev. B. Keith Haney is the Mission Facilitator for the Northern Illinois District of the LCMS. He has served multi-ethnic urban congregations in Detroit, St. Louis, and Milwaukee for over 13 years. In January 2016, he started to write a blog to encourage believers in their faith journey and non-believers to explore difficult faith issues. The discussion on race in America has grown out of an increased awareness that there were few voices speaking God’s truth and hope into the racial tension. This Bible study and his blog are opening doors to have that authentic and honest conversation.