The Lord’s Prayer is perhaps the most prayed prayer across all denominations of Christianity. Christians have heard and prayed this prayer thousands of times, but how many really listen to the words? Our Way Home: A Journey through the Lord’s Prayer takes readers on a colorful and bold journey through the meaning of the words in the Lord’s Prayer.

“This book has changed the way I pray the Lord’s Prayer,” says Amy Gray of the LCMS Office of National Missions. “Dr. Paavola’s engaging style uniquely combines wit and charm with the trusted voice of a well-read scholar.”

Each petition is surrounded with captivating imagery and storytelling that animates a Christian’s praying of this remarkable prayer, making it one they not only say but also live out every day. They will be encouraged to pray the words Jesus has given them with renewed boldness. They will come to the door of their Father’s house and knock with confidence because, as Paavola reminds them, they have the words to say.

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Praise for Our Way Home

“His mastery of illustration through poignant example makes Dan Paavola a remarkable teacher and preacher. The same homespun style the author so effectively uses with his students in the classroom and hearers from the pulpit is also present in his writing. A first-rate scholar with a compassionate pastor’s heart, Dr. Paavola has few equals in his ability to connect text to context—the application of the Bible’s teaching to the everyday lives of people. In this study of the Lord’s Prayer—well-known words that are at once simple yet sublime—Dr. Paavola makes the familiar familial. People who pray to the Father will be encouraged on their way home.”

—Dr. Patrick Ferry, President of Concordia Wisconsin

“This journey with Paavola through the Lord’s Prayer is an enjoyable one because of his masterful application of metaphors and illustrations. One seamlessly follows after the other. Whether you’re singing with the choir of angels, bitterly staring at rainless clouds hovering over a drought-stricken farm, or standing in the garage with a group of men about to fix a broken-down Model-T, the illustrations keep coming and always succeed in helping the reader see the Lord’s Prayer in a fresh way.”

Rev. Timothy A. Koch, Pastor of Concordia and Immanuel Lutheran Churches in Cresbard and Wecota, South Dakota

“Dr. Paavola’s engaging style uniquely combines wit and charm with the trusted voice of a well-read scholar. He invites you on a lively journey in which you are actively placed in each petition to see anew the kingdom, power, and glory of our Father. This book has changed the way I pray the Lord’s Prayer. It’d be an excellent resource for confirmation, adult Bible study, or individual reflection.”

Amy Gray, Media and Publications Project Coordinator for the LCMS Office of National Mission’s Youth Ministry

“Dr. Paavola’s use of vivid images and relatable word pictures explore the Lord’s Prayer with insight and depth. His writing style is rich with an element of storytelling that engages and enlightens. As he leads the reader through each petition, the journey home reveals layers of meaning and astonishing grace.”

Jessica Bordeleau, Young Adult Ministry Coordinator for the LCMS Youth Ministry Office and Women’s Leadership Institute Ambassador

About the Author

Daniel E. Paavola is a professor and pastor with the gifts of a storyteller. He is a professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin and previously served twelve years as pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church in the town of Butternut, Wisconsin. Since age 14, Dan has loved riding motorcycles. He also enjoys driving his 1917 Ford Model T car, which he restored with his father.