Saint Louis, MO,
18:28 PM

Christina Hergenrader’s Book Shines at National Youth Gathering

Every woman faces doubt in her life. Whether that doubt comes as a result of other people or from within oneself, it is an inevitability of the human condition. As a young girl, that doubt only becomes more pronounced with the journey into adulthood.

Christina Hergenrader found the perfect way to help dismiss that doubt. Women attending the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League convention sponsored copies of Hergenrader’s new book, Shine, to be distributed during the National Youth Gathering. Along with the gift of the book, the ladies of the LWML wrote messages to each of the young girls receiving a copy. After the conference ended, women continued to sponsor copies online through, and by the time the National Youth Gathering started, there were nearly 300 books donated to the cause by women everywhere.

At NYG, young high school girls lined up to meet the author of Shine. In addition, they were given books with words of encouragement written by women of the LWML. Hergenrader was grateful for the outcome: “Thank you for everyone who sponsored books. It was such a privilege to be the messenger of this very good news.”

One of the newest releases from Concordia Publishing House, Shine speaks to young girls about their relationship with God. This six-week Bible study emphasizes how to sparkle with God’s love; with the help of stories and journal prompts, the reader discovers how to shine the Gospel of Jesus to His people.

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