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Keeping God in a Child's Life

Today’s culture often leads youth astray from God. Youth raised in Christian homes to trust God are not immune to the temptations of culture. When situations in life bring pain, leaving youth to feel alone, they often blame God and turn away from Him.

Connected for Life: Essential Guide to Youth Ministry, new from Concordia Publishing House, acts as an encouragement and guide for leaders or volunteers in the church as they strive to remind children and youth that Jesus loves them. Connected for Life offers a way for youth to connect what they have learned in their childhood to adulthood in order to lay a strong foundation for their faith life.

Written by experienced youth leaders, Connected for Life chapters are written by authors who draw from real-life experiences of serving teens and children in need of guidance in life. The authors give encouragement and advice on leading youth ministry and supporting young adults to keep faith in their life. Topics covered include strategic planning for youth ministry, working with parents, using social media, and incorporating diversity and inclusivity.


  • Leah Abel
  • Debra Arfsten
  • Mark Blanke
  • Jessica Bordeleau
  • Derek Broten
  • Bo Chapman
  • Mark Cook
  • Jeff Doria
  • Heath Lewis
  • A. J. Mastic
  • Brandon Metcalf
  • Cassie Moore
  • Ashley Paavola
  • Tim Rippstein
  • Dave Rueter
  • Juliana Shults
  • Jacob Youmans

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