In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the beloved Arch® Books series, Concordia Publishing House has released the Arch® Books Treasury: Vintage Collection: 1964–1965. This collection brings together the twelve original Arch® Books into one volume.

Since 1965, generations of families and educators have used Arch® Books to teach important truths of the Bible. Each book retells part of the Scripture in engaging rhyme, creating a memorable way to explore the Bible. Arch® Books are an enduring, endearing series because each book teaches a Bible story in a child-friendly, true-to-Scripture format. Practical, accessible, and memorable, these books provide learning that lasts a lifetime.

Arch® Books Treasury: Vintage Collection, 1964–1965 includes

  • The Good Samaritan
  • The Boy Who Ran Away
  • The Great Surprise
  • Eight Bags of Gold
  • The Rich Fool
  • Little Benjamin and the First Christmas
  • Jon and the Little Lost Lamb
  • The Story of Noah’s Ark
  • The Little Boat that Almost Sank
  • The World God Made
  • The Boy with a Sling
  • The Baby Born in a Stable 

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In addition to the treasury, Concordia Publishing House has also released three new individual Arch® Books: God Saves Jerusalem by Larry Burgdorf, O Bethlehem by Joan Petersen Tietz, and The Wedding at Cana by Joanne Bader.

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