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Press Release: Discover Eight of the Names of God, and Practice Peaceful Thinking in a Brand-New Bible Study

Promised Rest by author Michelle Diercks encourages restful reflection amid life’s turmoil.

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The world is a broken place, and it is easy for many people to feel the overwhelming weight of all that brokenness. In her newest women’s Bible study, Promised Rest: Finding Peace in God’s Presence, Michelle Diercks takes readers on a journey to find peace in a world bombarded by strife. The eight-week study helps readers examine God’s names, His characteristics, and His offering of comfort and refuge.

“The names of God reveal important aspects of His character as well as how He relates to you—His beloved child—and how He offers the peace we all crave so much,” writes Diercks. “You are not alone. We all forget. Life is uncertain, and we all face circumstances beyond our control. Peace seems far away. But the truth is that the Lord is a near, dear Friend who provides for you and for all His children. Peace comes only from Him.”

Readers of Promised Rest have the opportunity to change their perspective on how God is working in their lives by slowly and simply touching everything they encounter. They will inhale the comfort of knowing that God is our refuge and then exhale all the worries of the world to see the promised rest that is a cornerstone of our identity as His beloved children.

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About the Author

Michelle Diercks earned a bachelor of arts degree from Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and served as a director of Christian education. As a professional and as a volunteer, she has taught God's Word for more than thirty years. Michelle is the podcast host of Peace in His Presence. She and her husband are the parents of two sons and live in Iowa.

Praise for Promised Rest

“Michelle’s debut book, Promised Rest, was thoughtfully created by someone who I can tell has read and led many Bible studies. Her writing draws you into her world in a way that makes the teaching come to life.”

-       Lindsay Hausch, author of Take Heart, blogger, and women’s ministry leader

Promised Rest: Finding Peace in God’s Presence is like a warm hug packed with truth and grace from God’s heart and delivered by a dear and trusted friend. Michelle’s grace-filled approach and comforting words usher you into God’s presence, wherein you truly do find His perfect peace.”

-       Carol Fedewa, women’s ministry coordinator, Hales Corner Lutheran Church

“In a world increasingly filled with chaos and uncertainty, Michelle Diercks’s insightful book draws us back to the source of true peace and security—the character of God conveyed through His biblical names.”

-       Jeffrey Leininger, university pastor, Concordia University Chicago

“Does peace seem elusive amid the chaos, difficulties, and distractions of daily life? Does your weary soul long for rest? In Promised Rest, author Michelle Diercks gently guides you to the place where peace is found—to the One who provides real rest. This compelling study examines the names and characteristics of God, serving to draw you closer to Him. Each daily lesson reads devotionally, with a combination of relatable stories, biblical narrative, and applicable Scripture, leading you to learn more about the One who loves you beyond measure, never leaves your side, and fulfills His promises for you in Christ. You’ll find engaging questions, journaling space, visual faith illustrations, and so much more in this outstanding resource. Receive rest in the peace of God’s presence.”

-       Deb Burma, speaker, retreat leader, and author of Joy: A Study of PhilippiansBe Still & Know: A Study of Rest and Refuge, and more  

“Promised Rest is a wonderful, descriptive way to bring the Word into our lives. Michelle has a soothing way to say God’s Word is truth and show how to understand it. The questions throughout the study are both challenging and engaging—not just about the Bible, but also how it relates to our lives. Overall, Promised Rest made me feel cherished! It was like being wrapped up in a warm towel at a spa! Thank you for this study of God and for the encouragement in our journey with Him.”

-       Cherie Endrihs, director of Christian education and first vice president, Lutheran Women in Mission, Gulf States District

“In these chaotic days, we all need to be reminded of the rest Christ has promised us. In this resource, Michelle shows the readers over and over again that peace and rest do not come from us or our circumstances but from Christ. Promised Rest will be a gift to anyone who uses it.”

-       Katie Koplin, writer and speaker

“Jesus graciously invites us, ‘Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’ (Matthew 11:28). Michelle Diercks leads us to respond to that invitation and to receive true rest in the midst of the ordeals and anxieties of life. This book will guide you to reflect on God’s character as revealed in His names so that you might abide in His peace. As you read these words, the Spirit of God will bring respite, rest, and renewal to your anxious spirit.”

-       David Peter, professor of practical theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

“Slow down and get to know God better in the pages of Promised Rest. Michelle Diercks guides readers through a study of the names of God—names that reveal various facets of His character. Rediscover the God of power in the names Elohim and El Shaddai. Study the names Yahweh Ra’ah and Jir’eh to learn more about the Lord’s care for you. Read about the name El Roi and rejoice that the Creator of the universe sees you. Throughout the book, Michelle’s very personal stories of the Lord’s care during critical moments in her life remind us that God is still active and working today. Careful Bible study aids our understanding of the names of God. Excellent discussion and reflection questions enhance the study of His character. Linger in the Word and find peace in God’s presence.”

-       Sharla Fritz, author and speaker

“Unique and insightful! The study Promised Rest has blessed me with deep insights into who God is. I love how Michelle uses God’s words and modern-day stories to illustrate His power, love, and grace. This study will help you rest in the promises of your Savior as you learn more about who He is and what He does for you.”

-       Christina Hergenrader, speaker and author of Inspired by the Holy Spirit: Four Habits for Faithful Living

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