Resolutions to exercise more, eat better, read more, declutter, and the like dominate the new year. But what does the Bible have to say about self-improvement? A Work in Progress: A Scriptural Course toward Self-Improvement, written by author and artist Carla Krazl, tackles this question head-on.

Whether it is human nature or the result of our cultural influences to strive for perfection and continuous self-improvement, personal betterment is, itself, not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a noble goal. A Work in Progress is a Bible study that takes this desire for perfection in a different direction. By guiding the reader to focus on God’s Word, the study puts God’s desire at the center of the discussion. The emphasis of each of the seven sessions is on Christ’s Gospel.

 “In my work as an artist, I try to initiate a feeling… I want my work to stir a response, incite happiness or warmth,” Krazl says. “Likewise, in writing A Work in Progress, I pray that my words stir the faith of each reader, that they all feel and know that God shares in our lives, directs our lives, and saves us eternally.”

A Work in Progress: A Scriptural Course toward Self-Improvement is appropriate for any small group, high school age and up. Each of the seven topics are designed to be discussed during a 45- to 60-minute session.


• Seven sessions, each focusing on one character quality or behavior.

• Each session is designed to be 45–60 minutes long.

• Workbook style: each participant has her own book with space for writing her own observations, reflections, and goals.

• Answers to questions given in “Session Notes” at the back of the book.

• Guidance for life application by setting small goals for personal betterment and by offering ideas to put into practice.

• Focuses the reader on God’s Word and how it applies to life today.

• Suitable for personal or group study.

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About the Author

Carla Krazl grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and resides there with her husband and two daughters. After graduating from Missouri State University with a degree in Graphic Design, Carla worked in the package and design and advertising fields. But her computer didn’t smell like paint and her desk wasn’t covered in sawdust, so she now gives life to ideas through murals, portraiture, and installations. Her work can be viewed at