Men and women called to serve in the mission field are in constant need of printed resources to support their ministry. With the launch of the International Missions Gift Registry, available at, Concordia Publishing House has made it easier than ever to provide these needed books and resources to workers in the mission field.

“The printed Word is a powerful tool for our mission workers,” said Dr. Bruce G. Kintz, President and CEO of Concordia Publishing House. “Our desire is that every missionary be well equipped with the printed resources needed to support his or her ministry. After meeting with all of the regional directors this past fall, it was painfully clear that there is a great need for printed materials in the mission field. The directors shared their needs with me, leading me to direct the creation of the International Missions Gift Registry. This registry responds directly to the needs identified by our regional mission teams.”

Individuals and congregations who wish to provide LCMS missionaries with books can do so by visiting There customers will find the books and items specifically identified by regional missionaries as needed in the field. Simply select the items and quantity you would like to help send to the mission field, click “Add to cart,” and proceed to Checkout to complete the purchase.

“This is really cool. Our international missions need resources constantly. You can help,” said Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison, President of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. “This is brand new and is launching . . . with suggested books for Central/South America. CPH is one of if not the most powerful mission tool we have. Thanks, CPH!”

The registry feature is also available to all customers, individuals and congregations. Visit to start your own wish list.

Visit the International Missions Registry at

For more information, contact Elizabeth Pittman at 314-268-1291 or