Think of the most devious, most dishonorable real-life crimes—murder, robbery, deception, kidnapping. These are the stories you’d see on the nightly news, but maybe not ones you’d expect to read about in the Bible. Not-So-Nice Bible Stories: Master Criminals takes you into these crazy true stories to show that crimes against God’s Law happen every day because God’s people are born sinful.

Written for readers ages eleven and up, the eighteen true stories included in Master Criminals show how God’s justice smashes the sinful, the sinister, and the sneaky. They teach about the most masterful criminal of all, Satan. And they explain that Jesus conquered all crime forever by His death. Master Criminals uncovers:

  • why each story is in the Bible
  • how it can guide your life
  • what it shows you about Jesus

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About the Author

Jonathan Schkade is a procrastinator, pardoned sinner, and author of several children’s books. He is a regular contributor to the Arch Book series, My Devotions, and Portals of Prayer. Jonathan has a degree in elementary education from Concordia University, Nebraska. He lives with his wife, Kristi, and their two daughters in Jefferson City, Missouri.