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How Sweet It Is! New Bible study from CPH connects women with the Word


Chocolate on its own is appealing. Chocolate plus a serious serving of God’s Word is an irresistible combination. CPH’s newest Bible study, Living a Chocolate Life written by Deb Burma, invites women to savor God’s rich and endless supply of grace in Christ.

Here’s what people are saying about Living a Chocolate Life:

Perfect! Deb molds a palatable and luscious masterpiece which delights the mind with chocolate fun and the soul with God's lavish grace along with His rich truths. A  Bible study delectably filled with digging into Biblical passages that are familiar, and some that are not so familiar. Indulge in the irresistibly delicious "choctivities," "memory morsels" and more. Just like your favorite chocolate, this Bible study is hard to resist, and you will want to share it with your all friends and neighbors! 
Karen Sue Murdy, Chocolate Connoisseur, Motivational Speaker, Bible Study Leader
At first glance one might think this is just a “fluff” study. Do not make that mistake! Open the book, see the depth of the contents. While using analogies from the world of chocolate, Deb’s real message is about the grace of God….I appreciated these closing words to the study: ‘God’s grace is no imagined extravagance. It’s real and it’s eternal—larger and more lavish that a lifetime supply of the most perfect, delicate chocolate. Dear sister, savor His saving grace in Christ’.
Janice Wendorf, Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Past President
Anyone who picks up a book written by Deb Burma is in for a sweet treat! Deb writes remarkably, from a genuine heart for REAL women. Doctors have said that chocolate is good for the heart! Hallelujah! And we know that God is great for the soul! Another Hallelujah! What a combo of these two blessings Deb has put together in Living a Chocolate Life!  A little bit of chocolate and a bunch of our great God each day give one a taste to sweetly savor, a ray of hope for living from day to day, and a foretaste of the feast that is to come. Now grab your favorite chocolate, your faithful Bible and a copy of Living a Chocolate Life! Delightful! Delicious! Delectable!
Terry Kieschnick
Deb Burma's love for the sweet truths of Scriptures shines through each page of this beautiful new Bible study. Through personal stories, riveting illustrations and meaningful Scriptures Deb challenges us to move from looking at God through the window of our experiences to looking at our lives through the window of the heart of God.
Donna Pyle, Author
As I was reading Living a Chocolate Life, I kept picturing a small group of young women, or new Christians, or women who have shied away from Bible study because they don’t feel knowledgeable enough. Among them is a seasoned, Scripture-loving Christian woman sharing lavishly of God’s love and mercy as she encourages and guides the women around her. The chocolate is the starting point but don’t underestimate the depth and power of Deb Burma’s integration of God’s sweet Word into our lives.
Lois Bartell Giordano, Educator, Encourager, Mentor, Bible Study Leader, Writer
Living a Chocolate Life is not only a “tasty treat.” (Note the luscious, chocolate, theme-related recipes in each chapter.) This is an in-depth Bible study. Each lesson’s central truth is clearly stated and developed. All main points are supported by Scripture. The author uses sound educational strategies, appealing to diverse learning styles, to guide participants in growing in faith and life….Living a Chocolate Life will appeal to women of all ages. The more I read, the more eager I became to share this study with my friends. Can’t wait!
Donna J. Streufert, LifeLight Author/Bible Study Leader

Living a Chocolate Life is available for purchase at For more information on Living a Chocolate Life, or to schedule an interview with the author, please contact Lindsey Martie, Public Relations, by phone at 314-268-1303, or by email:

About Deb Burma

Deb Burma has a passion for sharing Christ’s love. Whether she’s speaking, leading women’s ministry groups, or writing, her creative and engaging style touches the hearts of women and meets them in the moments of their everyday lives. Currently, Deb is a women’s Bible study leader at Peace Lutheran Church in Columbus, Nebraska, where her husband, Cory, serves as pastor. They are blessed with a beautiful family of three terrific children: Chris, Courtney, and Cameron.

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