Make a splash with Concordia Publishing House’s 2018 VBS! Life is full of thrills and spills; we may not know what’s around the bend, but God does! At Splash Canyon, kids discover that, on life’s wild ride, Jesus is by our side. God saves us through Jesus and gives us life and hope every day and forever.

Splash Canyon is full of new and fun activities. River Riff’s high-energy songs help celebrate our faithful God who is with us on life’s wild ride. Simple, repeatable, and active lyrics help make God’s Word stick with kids long after VBS is over! With all-new music, skits, and more, your VBS will be a blast!

VBS starts and ends with everyone gathered at the cross to hear God’s holy Word and learn that God’s promises are Yes in Jesus! At Splash Canyon’s opening and closing, teams connect, check in, pray, and sing praise to God. The song-action videos, theme songs, and memory verse songs prepare children and volunteers for the day ahead. This is also when you’ll share video skits and the mission project. You’ll reinforce the day’s Bible account, take-home point, and memory verse. Find everything in your Wild River Opening/Closing Guide, which is included in the Stater Kit.

Our All-Inclusive 2018 VBS Starter Kit provides VBS music, materials for 6 rotational sites, sample crafts, keepsakes, and other student essentials. It also includes 15 posters, 9 decorating videos, 9 “how-to” videos, access to our FREE VBSMate online registration tool, and more.

To explore what this VBS program has to offer, preview the all-new music, and get free downloads, visit the Splash Canyon website at, and follow VBS at and Twitter @CPH_VBS.