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Renew Your Soul Through the Healing Words of God

Soul Spa

We’re often quick to care for everyday aches and pains when they arise. Dry skin? Grab the moisturizer. Headache? Ibuprofen please! But what about when your soul aches? Do you recognize those times when you need to rest your heart? More importantly, do you take the time to care for your heart and soul? If it’s time to recharge your soul, Soul Spa, new from Concordia Publishing House, is for you.

Written by Sharla Fritz, Soul Spa encourages readers to renew their souls with the healing and powerful words of God. This 40-day Bible study uses spa analogies to guide participants to prayer, reflection on God’s Word, and healthy habits.

“Sharla Fritz's Scripture-filled new book is providing just that–the opportunity for spiritual renewal that I've been craving,” says author Deb Burma. “Through rejuvenating spa analogies, Sharla offers creative, invigorating ideas for soul care–spiritual disciplines–to meet with the Savior, to grow in intimacy with God. Each time I sit with Soul Spa, I am refreshed and energized, even eager to meet the demands of my days.”

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About the Author

Sharla Fritz is a Bible study leader, speaker, musician, and singer. She has a bachelor’s degree in music education and a master’s degree in piano performance. Sharla is the author of Divine DesignBless These Lips, and Divine Makeover.

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