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Putting Christianity to rigorous cross-examination

In a culture of ‘Coexist’ bumper stickers and proclamations that “truth is relative,” how can anyone be sure which religion, if any, is true?

Religions do not exist in a vacuum, so they should rightly be held to the same standards and evidentiary methods used to test other truth claims in fields such as law, history, and science.

Craig A. Parton, a trial lawyer, does just that in Religion on Trial: Cross-Examining Religious Truth Claims. This book is a relentless search for the truth that puts religious claims—from Christianity to Hinduism to Judaism to Buddhism—to rigorous cross-examination.

By employing methods developed for other fields, Parton places religions side by side and offers an unbiased examination of these religions, seeking to find out whether any of them can stand up to scrutiny.

This is not kids’ stuff. It’s time to take a closer look at whether any religion can be true—for nothing less than eternity is at stake here.

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About Craig A. Parton

Craig A. Parton is a trial lawyer and Chairman of the Litigation Department at Price, Postel & Parma LLP in Santa Barbara, California, the oldest law firm in the western United States. He is also the United States Director of the International Academy of Apologetics and Human Rights.

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