The pressures of life are unrelenting, but so is God’s love for you. In Christopher Kennedy’s new book, Grace under Pressure: Responding Faithfully to Stress, readers will explore themes of stress in the world, the grace found in God’s Word, and the seven final statements of Christ on the cross.

“By His grace, the Lord equips us with faith-building tools for combatting stress: prayer, Scripture, and a God-shaped perspective,” says Kennedy. “The pressures of life may be unrelenting, but so is the love of God for you!”

Themes found in Kennedy’s upcoming book encourage readers to learn about the four dimensions of grace (common, saving, sanctifying, and sustaining) that are seen in the Bible and that God puts in their lives. Follow along as Kennedy shows how Christ’s crucifixion guides the grace that can be shown under life’s pressures. Each chapter includes discussion questions for learning more about how to follow Christ’s example in dealing with stressors in life.

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About the Author

Christopher M. Kennedy is a blogger, podcaster, and pastor, serving a large congregation in San Antonio, Texas. He is also the author of Equipped: The Armor of God for Everyday Struggles. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communication, a master’s of theology, and a doctorate in ministry. Kennedy and his wife are parents of four children.

Praise for Grace under Pressure

Replete with timely illustrations and grace-filled applications, this is a one-stop resource for anyone looking to preach, teach, or study how Jesus addressed and conquered unspeakable strain and stress. Chris Kennedy begins with a multi-chapter introduction that focuses on the twin themes of his book—God’s grace and life’s pressure points. He then digs deeply into Christ’s seven last words from the cross, showing how they address our need for divine grace, especially when our hearts break into a million pieces.

—Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing, professor of theology and ministry and director of the Center for Biblical Studies, Concordia University St. Paul

For anyone experiencing the stresses of life, Grace under Pressure provides a way forward in the strength of the Lord. In this book, Dr. Christopher Kennedy first identifies the pressures and temptations people often feel today. He then shares a message of hope from the One who gives ultimate grace when facing life’s greatest pressures. In a series of Christ-centered Lenten messages, first enjoyed by his congregation, this pastor shares with his readers the comforting message of Jesus’ ministry centered on His cross and empty tomb. It is a powerful message of hope and strength born of grace under pressure!

—Rev. Dr. W. Mart Thompson, associate professor of practical theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

An unfaithful response to stress is easy and comes naturally. Pastor Kennedy offers real, practical guidance for a “new creation” response to life’s many stress-inducing situations: the cross of Jesus! In the Lord’s words from the cross, Pastor Kennedy helps baptized children of God find grace and strength for a Gospel-driven way to deal with many of our daily challenges. There’s guidance here for all who want to exhibit less “me” and more Jesus in the words and deeds of their daily Christian walk.

—Rev. Dr. Darrell Zimmerman, executive director of Grace Place Wellness Ministries, Lutheran Church Extension Fund

Our ungracious world desperately needs the fullness of God’s grace. Chris Kennedy describes richly the many facets of the gift of grace. Grace is God’s presence with us in the wildest storm. God’s grace is found especially in the darkness of Good Friday through the seven words of Jesus that day. On the cross, true grace was spoken with words of forgiveness for sinners, hope for a dying man, and the trust of a Son being caught by a loving Father.

—Dr. Daniel Paavola, professor, Concordia University Wisconsin

Grace under Pressure takes the reader into the words and life of Jesus—as He walked the path for us—and walks with us! In an easy-to-digest format, each chapter follows Jesus to the cross, with thoughtful discussion and study questions at the end. This is ideal for a personal or group study. Chris has captured the struggle every reader has with life’s stresses, and he offers a Gospel-oriented assurance of Jesus’ presence in the midst of that stress!

—Rev. James Otte, MDiv, MEd, LPC, associate pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church, Texas District director of congregation and worker care

I love it when an author puts forward his or her perspectives, offers help for discussion, and then encourages those discussions. Such conversations make for growth for all the followers of Jesus. Chris Kennedy does that with this book. There are some points that Kennedy makes about stress management that I would like to challenge. That is good. That is the point of the book. At the foot of the cross and in the power of the empty tomb, let’s talk openly about life issues. This book is ideal for group discussion and, if someone would invite me, I’d work to attend.

—Rev. Dr. Bruce M. Hartung, emeritus professor of practical theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis; author of Holding Up the Prophet’s Hand and Building Up the Body of Christ