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Press Release: Get Inspired to Continue with Author Tanner Olson’s Poems and Prayers

The new book offers hope to those whose faith helps them persevere day by day.

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For those who are in Christ and strive to love Him with their whole hearts, inspiration and hope are often essential. In his new book, Continue: Poems and Prayers of Hope, Tanner Olson writes for those readers seeking motivation to take one step forward.

“This book is not a map or a textbook,” Olson said. “It doesn’t read like a novel or ancient text. What you are holding is a collection of prayers, poems, and writings. And it’s yours. There are no rules for this book.”

Readers of Continue will find hope to continue through hardships, difficulties, and points where it feels like there is no hope. And they will reflect on how to continue through the ordinary too: through the morning routines, through the rush-hour traffic, through Sunday services, through late-night prayers. Olson emphasizes that being Christian doesn't always mean giant leaps and brave adventures.

 “Sometimes, it just means being an ordinary person, continuing in an ordinary day,” Olson said.

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About the Author

Tanner Olson is an author, poet, and speaker living in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Sarah, and dog, Pancake. For the last decade, Tanner has been writing and speaking about hope, faith, and love to audiences online and across the US. When he isn’t writing, Tanner spends most of his time watching NBA basketball, drinking coffee, being outside, and catching up with friends. For more from Tanner, visit or @writtentospeak on Instagram.

Praise for Continue

Tanner Olson’s Continue is a gift. It is written for such a time as this. It is important. It is on time. It is just what I needed, and I am guessing it is just what you need too. There is art you can look at. This is art you can read. But it is more than art. It is a guide to being with God, talking with Him, and letting Him give you the gifts He is already offering. Tanner’s writings and poems reminded me of what is always true but what I often forget. Take a deep breath, let it out, and enjoy having hope again.

—Rev. Greg Finke
Author of Joining Jesus on His Mission

Tanner is a poet in the most biblical sense of the word. He writes in such a way that his words can enter depths of joy or sadness and provide hope anchored in Christ. His poems can also be a blessing on a Tuesday when the dishes are still dirty, you forgot to bring in the garbage can from the curb, and you’re just ready to go to bed. In both those things, there is deep beauty. Continue offers prayers as poetry, and it will be a blessing for you as you trust and follow Jesus.

—Rev. Ted Doering
Pastor of Narrative Lutheran Church, Round Rock, TX; co-author of Myth of the Millennial; author of Walking Together: Simple Steps for Discipleship

Continue reminds us of an important yet easily forgotten truth: faith in Jesus isn’t just for good days and bad days—it is woven into every day. Tanner’s poetry elevates the ordinary and allows us to see it with fresh eyes, recognizing the goodness of God carrying us through the simple, small, and normal stuff of life.

—Rev. Matt Popovits
Lead pastor of St. Mark Houston, Houston, TX

Tanner gives unique, beautiful, and honest words navigating what faith looks like in a constantly changing world. This collection of poems will help you see that despite change all around us, God is here, God is in control, and God is deeply in love with you. You may laugh at some poems, you may cry at others, and still others will likely leave you in deep thought. Tanner is a masterful wordsmith, and I highly recommend this resource for anyone seeking to grow in their faith.

—Rev. Zach Zehnder
Teaching pastor at King of Kings in Omaha, NE; founder of Red Letter Living and author of the best-selling Red Letter Challenge

Tanner Olson, as always, continues to bring words of hope both in our happiness and our heartbreak. Tanner’s gift is being able to honor both, speaking God’s truth and grace in each moment.

—Dcs. Heidi Goehmann
Licensed clinical social worker and mental health care provider; theologian, writer, and advocate; author of Emotions and the Gospel: Created for Connection

Tanner is one of the most prolific and reflective Christian poets of this day and age. His ability to take thought that is abstract, floating in the minds of all of us, and to put words to that which is intangible—it is akin to praying as a community together. Expressing many emotions at once to God and knowing that in each verse God hears us—catching each verse with His almighty hands. Tanner’s work is a gift to God’s people, the Church, and our broken world.

—Rev. Dr. Gerard Bolling
Assistant professor of leadership and theology at Concordia University Texas; lead pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, St. Louis, MO

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