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Press Release: Discover Hope and Faithfulness through the Grand Story of Joseph

New women’s Bible study from author Donna Snow explores the many trials of Joseph’s story in Genesis.


At first glance it can seem unfair that Joseph had to struggle through twenty grueling years while God put his plan into motion. In her upcoming Bible study, Meant for Good: A Study of Joseph, author Donna Snow will lead readers through the story of Joseph as he faithfully waits for God's plans to come together. Even while living through struggles and turmoil, readers will cling to the understanding that God means our lives for good.

“In Joseph, we see Christlike qualities and parallels to apply to our Christian walk,” Snow writes. “We can choose to become victims of our circumstances, or we can trust God to bring beauty from ashes every single time.”

In this women's Bible study, readers will uncover how Joseph’s struggles, woven together into a rich narrative of hope and faithfulness, showcase the need to let God's love and forgiveness lead before any selfish desires. Snow provides eight weeks of study that incorporate helpful resources for learning including a timeline of Genesis, a diagram of Joseph’s lineage, a history of Egypt and the Pharaohs, daily study questions, and more. 

“Most of us are familiar with the Old Testament tale of Joseph and those meddlesome brothers of his,” says Kathleen Y’Barbo Turner, a Publishers Weekly bestselling author. “Joseph was a dreamer, but his were God’s dreams. Donna Snow’s new study, Meant for Good, is a deep dive into Joseph’s journey from prisoner to prosperity and power that gives keen insight into God’s plan for us in our own times of adversity.”

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Praise for Meant for Good

If you’ve forgotten that God holds you in His hands at all times, Donna Snow provides the course correction you need. With scriptural application that flows refreshingly into the heart, Meant for Good reveals the truth that your life is always under God’s grace and in the center of His faithful plan. … This soul-replenishing Bible study reveals that, even through trial and suffering, your precious life as God’s child is meant for good.

-          Michael W. Newman, President of the Texas District LCMS and author of Hope When Your Heart Breaks and Getting Through Grief

This study is a beautiful reminder that trusting God beyond what we can see is key to walking in His will. Donna carefully crafts each chapter, fills it with insightful commentary and history, and provides questions that will lead you deeper into scripture and help you apply it to your life.

-          Michelle Diercks, speaker and author of Promised Rest: Finding Peace in God’s Presence

Understanding God’s purposes and plans is difficult for anyone, and Joseph was no exception. Donna directs us to God’s call to walk in blind trust regardless of the outcome, showing how God’s plan of salvation is clearly foreshadowed in Joseph, a suffering servant and a picture of Jesus.

-          Rev. Dr. Greg Walton, VP, Ministry Solutions – Grace Place Wellness, Lutheran Church Extension Fund

We might think we know everything about this Old Testament character from Sunday School lessons and Broadway musicals, but author Donna Snow masterfully uncovers themes of spiritual maturity, forgiveness, reconciliation, family dynamics, and God’s providential will. As you revisit the story of Joseph, you will see that while God’s work in our lives may seem like a confusing puzzle, it’s always meant for good.

-          Sharla Fritz, author of several CPH books, including Measured by Grace: How God Defines Success

Without shying away or ignoring hard biblical truths, Donna Snow paints the story of Joseph and his family into vivid color, relevance, and practical application for women looking to trust God in difficult circumstances and amidst myriad challenges. This is the perfect study for participants who desire in-depth study steeped richly in God’s Word.

-          Jessica R. Patch, Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author

Most of us are familiar with the Old Testament tale of Joseph and those meddlesome brothers of his. Joseph was a dreamer, but his were God’s dreams. Donna Snow’s new study, Meant for Good, is a deep dive into Joseph’s journey from prisoner to prosperity and power that gives keen insight into God’s plan for us in our own times of adversity. I found touchpoint in this study that I have incorporated into my own life, and I believe you will too.

-          Kathleen Y’Barbo Turner, Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author of Dog Days of Summer and The Bark of Zorro

Meant for Good is meant for you! Donna nails it again with her comprehensive study that unpacks the history and political play of the day, all while keeping you hooked until the last page with biblical, practical, thought-provoking, and meaningful application. Despite apparent loss and defeat, Joseph is a story of perseverance and God’s goodness. This study spoke to my life—struggles, difficulties, and questions—how God meant them for good. Clear references to Christ assure us of God’s guaranteed grace and that, in Jesus, we definitely have enough. Don’t wait. Dig in today!

-          Rev. Andrew Ratcliffe, Pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School

Donna Snow’s enthusiasm for God’s Word is contagious, and I couldn’t wait to see Joseph through her eyes. And boy, she didn’t disappoint! Layered with spiritual depth, and cultural and historical context, this book meets me in my everyday experience. Donna’s words will weave around you like a multicolored tapestry, rich with the mystery and miracle of Joseph’s story that reveals the heart of God.

-          Lindsay Hausch, Author of Take Heart: God’s Comfort for Anxious Thoughts and God’s Provision in a Wilderness World

With honest and inviting personal reflections, Donna Snow draws us into an in-depth look at the life of Joseph. Her “Go Quiet and Go Deep” process and Scripture scribing opportunities allow personal reflection space with an Old Testament story that speaks right into our modern family drama settings. Difficult challenges today can add to spiritual dehydration, but this study offers grace and peace with volumes of hope for each of our faith journeys.

-          Connie Denninger, Co-Founder of Visual Faith® Ministry

Donna Snow is an excellent and prolific author who equips Bible students to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word. In her newest Bible study, she helps us recognize issues and challenges that Joseph and Jesus faced. She digs deep, includes research about religious customs and beliefs, and equips us to apply God’s Word to our daily life. I highly recommend this book.

-          Kay L. Meyer, Founder, President and Host, Family Shield Ministries, Inc

I became a big fan of Donna Snow after reading Chosen, her book on Esther. Her study of Joseph is equally impactful. Donna’s writing is accessible and personal and has great depth. Her newest book feels like a friend guiding you through the story of Joseph. Extensive research is evident. Along with engaging the mind, the book also reaches the heart by bringing encouragement and hope from God’s Word. Throughout Meant for Good, Donna keeps Christ at the center, showing us how Joseph’s story— and our story—intersect with our Savior’s story.

-          Rev. Dr. Christopher Kennedy, Senior Pastor at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, School, and Child Care

About the Author

Donna Snow is the author of dozens of books and Bible studies, including Chosen: A Study of Esther. She is a frequent speaker at ministry conferences and retreats, leads Bible studies and international tours, and has a passion for telling others about Jesus.

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