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New book addresses the holiness unique to God’s name

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Saint Louis—The Second Commandment tells all Christians that the name of the Lord is to be revered above all other names. In modern society though, the misuse of the Lord’s name is so commonplace that it has lost its shock value for many. In Blessed Be His Name: Revealing the Sacred Names of God, author Rev. Dr. Kevin S. Golden directs readers back to the power and consequence of the Lord’s name.

“The world uses the name of the Lord as an expletive, a curse, something to express shock or disgust,” writes Golden. “He uses His name as a blessing, an invitation, the embodiment of love, His own presence.” Through the pages of Blessed Be His Name, Golden takes readers on an engaging journey through the blessings of God’s name.

Written for the lay theologian, Blessed Be His Name engages and educates readers as Golden focuses on a unique scriptural angle: What does the Lord bind to His name, and what does He do with His name? Each of the eight chapters includes discussion questions to guide individuals or book groups to think deeply about the content and how to apply it to their Scripture reading and daily life.

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About the Author

Rev. Dr. Kevin Golden serves as pastor of Village Lutheran Church in Ladue, Missouri. He earned a PhD in biblical studies from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. He has taught at seminaries and conferences throughout the United States and abroad and has spoken on radio shows and podcasts. 

What People Are Saying

With this book, Rev. Dr. Kevin Golden demonstrates why he is such a beloved pastor in our congregation, where it has been my privilege to serve with him as assistant pastor for the last ten years. Like his sermons we are blessed to hear, this book presents the deep truths of God’s Holy Word in regard to His holy name in a manner that is profound yet practical, clear and engaging, challenging and comforting. May all who read this marvelous book continue to find comfort and joy in the one true eternal God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

—Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, President, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Assistant Pastor, Village Lutheran Church, Ladue, Missouri

Kevin Golden has written a glowing book, and if there is just one recommendation I would make for the rising generation of young Christian readers, it would be to not only read but also absorb the profundity of this powerful, timely, and topical book. What’s in a name? We hear this cliché from time to time, but if we apply it to the name above all names, God Almighty Himself, we come to see that we are standing on genuinely holy ground, all the while His sovereign presence is transforming, renewing, and changing our perception of all of life. Pastor Golden has evoked the blessedness of God in a new and nourishing way, and I am humbled by the power of his perceptions and learnedness.

—Timothy S. Goeglein, Vice President, Focus on the Family, Washington, DC

In an age of conjecture, Rev. Golden’s book brings a studied clarity to the subject of God's holy name. Each chapter, packed full of edifying goodness and truth from Scripture, offers golden insights into what the Lord does with His name for the good of His people. This a meaty, satisfying read, one that I will be treasuring and pondering in my heart for years to come.

—Katie Schuermann, author of the Anthems of Zion Series (2017) and Pew Sisters (2012).

This interesting, readable book, Blessed Be His Name, delivers a panoramic view concerning the holiness of God’s name that we Christians sometimes, in different ways, thoughtlessly and sinfully misuse. The book’s many cogent points remind us of God’s Second Commandment, which we so easily forget both before and as we violate it. Christians reading this book will find it insightful and spiritually beneficial.

—Alvin J. Schmidt, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Illinois College, Author of How Christianity Changed the World (2004) and Hallmarks of Lutheran Identity (2017).

What is God’s name? Why is the manner in which we speak His name so important that it is the Second Commandment? Isn’t a name just a name? Rev. Dr. Kevin Golden has produced a scholarly, concise, and accessible work on the Lord’s name that answers these questions and more. . . . The writing is masterfully engaging. Every word of this book was obviously chosen with care and with the intent of enlightening readers. It is a wonder to be educated so thoroughly about a topic that one was ignorant of being ignorant of. This is a book worth consideration for Bible studies, for children’s education, for catechesis, and indeed, by any Christian. This book is a gift worth reading again and again.

—Stephen M. Saunders, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Marquette University

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