Hear ye, hear ye! In Jesus, the victory is won! That’s the message children learn at Concordia Publishing House’s 2017 VBS with Purpose®, Mighty Fortress. Join the celebration—where children learn about Jesus, our Savior King, who conquers our fears and delivers us from evil. So raise your banner high, and give thanks to God.

At Mighty Fortress, VBS kids confidently celebrate that Jesus, their champion, has won the victory over sin, death, and Satan, acts through His Word, and keeps His promises. Because the victory’s won, every day is a day to celebrate! God’s victory is shown in the Bible accounts of the fall of Jericho, God’s rescue of King Hezekiah’s kingdom, King Josiah’s reading of God’s Word, the Savior King’s triumphal entry, and Jesus’ victory through His death and resurrection.

Each day, kids look into the Bible to discover that God is our Mighty Fortress, our Shield, and our Deliverer. Each VBS session starts at Mighty Fortress Opening, where the children gather with their team leader. They sing, hear God’s Word, pray, watch the opening theme video, learn more about your mission project, and learn the day’s Take-Home Point.

After the Opening, teams head off to five rotation sites for Storytelling, Bible Challenge, Snacks, Games, and Crafts. Finally, everyone comes back together at Mighty Fortress Closing for music, prayer, and a wrap-up with the closing theme video. Before they go, kids get a Victory’s Won Collectible to help them share the day’s theme and Bible verse with their friends and family.

All-Inclusive Starter Kit

Everything you need to plan your 2017 VBS is included in the Mighty Fortress Starter Kit. New in 2017, you will find videos included in Fortified, the youth and adult study. Also included in your starter kit is an additional decorating poster, a sample of our Promise Comics, and an optional Reformation rotation that can be used instead of or in addition to our exclusive Bible Challenge site. So whether you’re doing a one-day, weekend, or traditional five-day format, you can count on our rock-solid Bible curriculum to be your guide to share the Good News of Jesus every day and in every way.

Site-Rotation Highlights

Teams start their day at the Mighty Fortress Opening, where kids gather to hear about the mighty and majestic activities that are in store for them that day. After the opening, kids explore five different sites to discover how Jesus loves and provides for them abundantly. They do all this while making new friends with the children on their teams.

At Stronghold Storytelling, our storytelling scripts get everyone involved to make storytelling memorable, engaging, active, and fun! An exclusive feature of VBS with Purpose® is the Victory Village Bible Challenge. Through memory songs and activities, kids learn Bible memory verses that will remain in their hearts, lives, and minds. The recurring theme verse throughout the program is 1 Corinthians 15:57.

While taking part in Tournament Crafts, kids use their God-given creative gifts to make keepsake crafts with a lasting purpose. During Great Hall Snacks, kids feast on majestic morsels that energize them for even more VBS fun. At Tournament Games, kids get active as they use their bodies to learn life application lessons.

What does VBS with Purpose® mean?

VBS with Purpose® is built on four key principles:

  1. After the craft glue dries and the snacks are just crumbs, the treasure remains that children should leave VBS knowing their need for a REAL Savior—and His name is Jesus.
  2. CPH’s use of realistic art gives kids confidence that the Bible is real and true.
  3. A realistic but contemporary VBS theme is but a backdrop or a bridge for kids to connect to people and life in Bible times.
  4. Bible-based lessons built with a message that engages and enriches kids for a lifetime is real fun.

To explore what this VBS program has to offer, visit the Mighty Fortress website at vbs.cph.org/2017, and follow VBS at facebook.com/CPHVBS and Twitter @CPH_VBS.