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Learn to Confidently Wield the Armor of Your Faith


The phrase “spiritual warfare” often brings to mind angels and demons, exorcisms, and demonic encounters. But as Rev. Dr. Christopher Kennedy explains, spiritual warfare includes the myriad of battles that face each of us in everyday life. In Equipped: The Armor of God for Everyday StrugglesKennedy guides readers through the tools God has provided in Ephesians 6 to fight back against spiritual warfare.

“This book is a critical reminder that there is more to your struggle than meets the eye,” says Rev. Michael W. Newman. You are not merely fighting frustration, feelings, people, traffic, malfunctioning appliances, tragedy, or pain. Spiritual forces are at work to remove your hope in Jesus. . . .But you are not helpless, and you are not alone. In this book, Chris Kennedy presents the armor God provides for the battle you face.”

“Spiritual warfare is real. A war rages within each of us,” says Kennedy. “By God’s grace, you don’t have to fall prey to the devil’s tactics. You can win in spiritual warfare when you are armed with the weapons God provides.” These powerful weapons are the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, sword of the spirit.

Equipped is also “a preemptive measure,” explains Kennedy. “As you study what God’s Word says about spiritual warfare, you’re gathering up the armor you’ll need when the day of testing comes.” To this end, Kennedy provides a Storehouse of Spiritual Weaponry as a go-to resource for readers facing times of testing.

Equipped also includes a 25-page leader guide for readers to follow along more closely with each chapter, but more important, to share God’s equipment with others so that friends, family, and fellow neighbors can stand strong in their everyday battles.

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About the Author

Christopher M. Kennedy is senior pastor at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in San Antonio, Texas. He received his MDiv from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, and has a DMin from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He lives in San Antonio with his family.

Praise for Equipped

This book is timely, and it is real. No phony or judgmental Christianity included! It’s written for real people facing real challenges, especially spiritual warfare. This battle is serious, and the consequences are eternal. With all that is going on in the world, the U.S., the Church, and our lives, its release is a Godsend. The reader will quickly notice the author is a pastor who knows Scripture and the Gospel’s power and offers help in understanding the attacks of Satan. The reader is not left to despair in defeat but to delight in the destruction of the devil by the Son of God. You’re invited: Equipped: The Armor of God for Everyday Struggles is full of fresh insights, honest reflection, meaningful illustrations, and engaging application. Pastor Christopher Kennedy offers great tools and resources for the war-torn Christian that will also be helpful in assisting others in the battles we all face.

—Rev. Dr. Allan Buss, president, Northern Illinois District, LCMS

Spiritual warfare is a constant in the life of all followers of Jesus. This book is built around acknowledging the reality of that warfare and reminding Christians of the tools given to them for the fight. Continually bringing readers back to their identity in Jesus and the armor given to them, this book will benefit those whose eyes are just opening to spiritual warfare for the first time and those who are weary from the fight in which they have been engaged. An incredible resource for the Church.

—Ted Doering, pastor of Narrative Lutheran Church and co-author of Myth of the Millennial

If you ever believed that Christians simply had to absorb the devil’s attacks, Equipped gives us permission to fight back! Through this frontline soldier’s resource on spiritual warfare, Pastor Kennedy offers novel insights into each piece of God’s armor. His thought-provoking questions challenge us to identify spiritual attacks, which piece of armor to deploy, and how to engage in the good fight of faith, trusting Christ to lead the charge. One by one, he methodically strips away the devil’s deceitful masks and replaces them with the blood-bought truth about our holy wardrobe. Pastor Kennedy delineates modern-day scenarios where we face attack and offers practical tactics on wielding the sword of truth, utilizing faith-affirming statements, and standing guard in prayer. I cannot recommend this book highly enough! This beautifully written, hands-on tool against spiritual warfare has rightfully earned a permanent place on my nightstand.

—Donna Snow, speaker and author of Chosen: A Study of Esther and Your Strong Suit: Bible Study on God’s Armor

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