Something went awry in American Christianity, leading to our country’s generic churches with their empty promises. The false teachings and dangerous practices common in American Christianity threaten to drown out the message of salvation—the message of Christ on the cross. In response to an American Christian culture in need of the Gospel, Concordia Publishing House announces the release of Has American Christianity Failed?, a new book from Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller.

The individual reigns supreme in American culture, and American Christianity is no different. Amid this inward focus, the incredible work of Christ in His death and resurrection receives little attention. Pastor Wolfmueller combats the lack of focus on Christ with the fiercest weapon: the beautiful truth of the Gospel. Only in Christ can Christians find real comfort, joy, peace, freedom, and the sure hope of salvation.

Throughout this book, Wolfmueller explains the mistaken beliefs of American Christianity in detail, using Scripture to analyze the pitfalls that attract many in our culture. For every use of reason or feeling, Pastor Wolfmueller responds with proper use of Law and Gospel to quash any claim that shifts the focus away from Christ. For American Christianity, no antidote apart from Christ suffices.

“Wolfmueller . . . invites his readers to hear the Word of the cross and find their confidence in the sure and certain promises of Christ Jesus. This book will challenge, edify, and encourage faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the context of our self-addicted and chaotic culture.”

—John T. Pless, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions, Concordia Theological Seminary

“Bryan Wolfmueller has done us all a great favor. Whether you are a Lutheran casting an envious eye toward popular generic Christianity in America or whether you are a disappointed or disenfranchised American Christian wondering whether there’s a more substantial option, you will be enriched by this book.”

—Dr. Harold L Senkbeil, Executive Director for Spiritual Care, DOXOLOGY: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel

“By the way that he teaches God’s Word, [Wolfmueller] arrests our attention, surprises us mentally with many new insights, energizes us spiritually, and gladdens our hearts. Its teaching drives away the cloying stench of decadent piety and replaces it with the joyful aroma of Christ and His fragrant, life-giving message.”

—Dr. John Kleinig, Professor Emeritus, Luther College, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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About the Author

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller has been the pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, Colorado, since 2005. He is the cohost of Table Talk Radio, the world’s most famous Lutheran theological game show. Bryan has a new hobby every day, but he always comes back to reading about Law and Gospel. Bryan lives in Aurora with his wife, Keri, and four children.