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“A Healing Balm for the Soul”

New Women’s Bible Study from Donna Pyle

Humans are full of sin: we lie, we say hurtful things, and we can be just downright mean. When these things happen to us, we are faced with the decision to forgive or to hold a grudge in our hearts. It’s easy not to forgive, but as Donna Pyle addresses in her new Bible study, God wants us to let go of the hurt and forgive. Through its eight sessions, Forgiveness: Received from God, Extended to Others digs into Scripture to help you understand the tricky business of forgiveness, grow in your faith, and walk the freeing path of forgiveness through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

“Jesus taught that we are to forgive as He forgave,” says Pyle. “If Christians are to make an eternal difference, the world needs to actually see forgiveness in real time. This study outlines clear steps toward forgiveness straight from Scripture. It also clears up myths about what forgiveness is not: excusing a sin or crime, artificial nonchalance, avoidance, justice, or consequences. Perhaps most important, forgiveness is not about the offender. It is an obedient act of liberation—for us.”

To order or learn more about Forgiveness: Received from God, Extended to Others, visit When you order a copy of this study, you will receive a 31-day devotional, a Bible reading plan, and prayer cards. For more information on the author or to request a review copy, please contact Lindsey Martie, Public Relations, by phone at 314-268-1303 or by email at

What People Are Saying

“With honesty, vulnerability, and grace, Donna Pyle has penned a powerful and comprehensive resource tackling the much-needed, ever-timely topic of forgiveness. This book is truly transformational—a healing balm for the soul. Donna helps the reader understand what forgiveness is . . . and is not. She gently shows us how we can, by God’s grace, forgive the unrepentant, the repeat offender, the persecutor (and more) . . . like our Savior, Jesus. He makes it possible for us to extend to others the same undeserved, extravagant grace He first gave to us. In beautiful, from-her-heart language, Donna shares, ‘It is the extension of hope so others might discover the Source of all hope.’ The chapter topics and questions, centered squarely in Scripture, enabled me to not only discover, but also to embrace and apply God’s truth concerning forgiveness. Thank you, Donna. God be praised!”

—Deb Burma, author of Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply;A Chocolate Life; Raising Godly Girls; and more

“With fresh insights into familiar Bible passages and opening her heart and life to readers, author Donna Pyle has tackled the topic of forgiveness. Readers will want to grab a journal to document the lessons and Bible verses the author encourages readers to write down, helping to imprint God’s truths. Thank you, Donna, for delving into an area where many people struggle. Thank you even more for leading readers to God’s Word for the answers.”

 —Janice Wendorf, Past LWML President

“In Forgiveness, Donna tackles the universal struggles that underlie extending and receiving grace in our fallen world. She identifies and corrects common misbeliefs about forgiveness, defines biblical restitution, and discusses key biblical examples of forgiveness. Donna addresses revenge, bitterness, and all the ways we can respond to our wounds in the flesh. Yet she uses Scripture and beautiful language to remind us of the power of Jesus at work in us, making forgiveness in every relationship possible. Forgiveness is the perfect comprehensive approach for studying a topic that affects us all.”

—Angie Goeke, author of A Girl and Her Warhorse, musician, and speaker

“With her trademark warm, candid style, Bible teacher and author Donna Pyle invites you into the life-transforming journey of true forgiveness. Turn these pages, immerse yourself in God’s comforting, refining Word, and walk with Donna away from the burden of bitterness and into the liberating lightness of forgiveness.”

—Michelle DeRusha, author of Katharina and Martin Luther:The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk

“Donna Pyle’s latest book on forgiveness is a welcome new resource for individuals or groups to discover more on both the process and intricacies of something that is meant to shape so much of our daily walk of faith—forgiving one another in love and truth. Donna covers the depth and the breadth of damage that unforgiveness can reap in our hearts and lives, but shines light on the freedom we are given in Jesus Christ. She recognizes the losses involved in forgiveness, and she doesn’t shy away from calling out the lies and cultural myths that stand as barriers to forgiveness and freedom. She covers a wide range of experiences and offenses when forgiveness can enter in and offer much-needed restoration, including adultery, abuse, family turmoil, habitual sins, to name only a few. The book is in a helpful format utilizing beautiful language, questions that root around Scripture and our personal experiences, and optional small-group sections. Forgiveness offers an authentic look at the pain of life’s journey, but reminds us on every page that we have a Savior, who came to heal and renew.”

—Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, writer, blogger, and speaker at I Love My Shepherd Ministries

“What an incredible tool this Bible study on forgiveness is as we, or those we care about, can’t let go of a grudge, find it hard to forgive, or are looking for forgiveness. In this study, Donna helps us better understand the forgiveness God lavishly offers to all through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, and how He desires for us to live forgiven and forgiving lives. What a joy it is to know and to be reminded that as we have been forgiven, we are equipped to share that forgiveness with others. Thanks, Donna, for these biblically based teachings about forgiveness.”

  • John and Debra Heckmann. John: pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church, The Grove, Texas; former national LWML pastoral counselor; Texas District LWML pastoral counselor; Texas District circuit visitor; president of Jesus Is Lord Mission Society. Debra: director of women’s ministry at St. Paul.

About the Author

A soul-stirring, engaging speaker, author, Bible teacher, and worship leader, Donna Pyle has a passion for studying and teaching God’s Word. Her clear, down-to-earth style encourages women of all ages to wholeheartedly love, serve, and live for Jesus Christ.

Since launching Artesian Ministries in 2007, Donna has scratched out over 20 Bible studies and enjoys the incredible privilege of traveling throughout the U.S. and internationally to speak and teach where the Lord opens doors.

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