Brokenness abounds in our world, our communities, our relationships, and in our selves. While the brokenness is inescapable, there is a path forward. Heidi Goehmann, in her new book, Finding Hope From Brokenness to Restoration, provides tools to identify the messes of life and to see God’s hope in it all.

Finding Hope, explains Goehmann, “is designed to shift our internal focuses, to move us from white-knuckling the messes of life to recognizing them and naming them, calling them brokenness out loud. By moving through brokenness, we can more clearly see hope and discern God’s presence in the middle of our daily lives whether we’re experiencing joy or sorrow or both simultaneously.”

Goehmann explores brokenness in four key areas:

· Messes in Me: Broken Identity

· Messes in Family: Broken Intimacy

· Messes in Community: Broken Belonging

· Messes in Creation: A Broken World

While brokenness permeates our world, brokenness is not where the story ends. “Let me assure you,” writes Goehmann, “Christ remains in control in all the brokenness. Brokenness is still under His throne. And because it happens under His throne, brokenness is never outside of His hope . . . . In this book we will walk together to find hope.

Finding Hope: From Brokenness to Restoration (ISBN 9780758669346) is available now at For more information, or to schedule an interview with the author, contact Lindsey Scheetz at

About the Author

Heidi Goehmann is a licensed clinical social worker and mental health care provider, deaconess, wife, mom, and advocate. She received her bachelor’s degree in theology and psychology from Concordia University Chicago, and her master’s degree in social work from the University of Toledo. Heidi has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including trauma treatment, play-based therapies, and systems research. She also has served in various ministry and mental health capacities. She is the author of Altogether Beautiful: A Study of the Song of Songs and The Mighty & The Mysterious: A Study of Colossians.

Heidi is always available at, which provides resources and advocacy for mental health and genuine relationships.

Praise for Finding Hope

“Heidi Goehmann writes with such clarity and courage! She boldly names the brokenness in our tangle of experiences and then faithfully and relentlessly points us to hope. Personally engaging, theologically astute, and filled with both honesty and grace, this book will give you joy in the midst of the struggle. A great read. I can’t wait to share with my friends!”

Rev. Dr. Justin Rossow, author and founder of Next Step Press

“Heidi’s words of truth and grace meet the reader with gentleness and compassion as she graciously brings our eyes to see the beauty of hope. This book reminds us that although life is messy and heavy and painful, hope is real. And hope is for us. Hope meets our brokenness and leads our eyes above, fixing them on the One who loves us. As you lose yourself in Heidi’s words, she will guide you forward to see how Christ brings restoration through His overwhelming love and grace.”

Tanner Olson, author, poet, and speaker,

“Brokenness. Pain. Deep disappointment. Heidi Goehmann addresses life’s dark moments with candor, honesty, and, above all, hope—Christian hope. She candidly shows us our own sin and how it impacts our family, community, and God’s creation. The book is saturated with Scripture and always leads to Jesus. Heidi’s key text is Romans 5:5, “Hope does not disappoint”—and, I would add, neither will her book.”

Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing, professor of theology and ministry and director of the Center for Biblical Studies, Concordia University, St. Paul

“Brokenness is a covert enemy. It eats away at our sense of purpose and teaches despair and doubt. In Finding Hope: From Brokenness to Restoration, Heidi shows us God’s response to brokenness. Instead of leaving us to deny it or dwell on it, He uses brokenness as a step stool to the sure hope of Jesus Christ. Hope is the answer, and this book shows the way.“

Kim Marxhausen, PhD, author

“Finding Hope is a must-read for anyone curious about the lifelong journey of brokenness toward wholeness. Heidi Goehmann takes readers on an honest and deep quest of understanding and living into the messy paradox of brokenness and hope. Read this book and be affirmed that God’s grace touches each part of your life.”

Vanessa M. Seifert, PhD, Seifert Leadership Consulting, and DCE, Calvary Lutheran Church

“Christians are used to blaming sin for the troubles they encounter in life. Rightly so. In Finding Hope, Heidi Goehmann brings depth and nuance to the sin-problem conversation and gives ‘a name for the interaction of the messy alongside the good of life.’ Her assessment of brokenness meets us all and points us toward God and the promise of hope in Jesus. This book is for anyone ready for a meaningful glimpse into their own struggle in this broken creation and offers help to those who want to deal with it head-on.”

Katie Nafzger, women’s coordinator, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

“In Finding Hope, Heidi Goehmann takes the reader on a unique journey of hope, one found in the ruins of our hurting world. By calling out our brokenness, Goehmann deftly points the reader back to the hope found in Christ and wonderfully explores it in a tangible way to the reader. Finding Hope is a must-read for those who have been broken by our world and desire something more.”

Rev. Ryan Oakes, Gethsemane Lutheran Church

“I am happy to recommend Finding Hope. Heidi’s definitions of terms such as identity, resilience, and brokenness are particularly profound, thought-provoking, and anchored in truth. Heidi has a beautiful way of facing into the hard and leading to Jesus. I look forward to sharing this book with others!”

Susan Steege, director of Transformation Ministries, First Trinity Lutheran Church

Finding Hope is deeply theological while remaining utterly practical. As a mental health professional, Heidi Goehmann does not discount how difficult life in the brokenness can be. As a theologian, she understands the answer to these problems is as simple as Jesus. This book will strike a chord of empathy in your brokenness and at the same time give you deeply theological and utterly practical hope for your yesterday, today, and forever.”

Katie Koplin, writer and speaker

“Goehmann speaks truth to the experience of living in a broken world—life is hard. Instead of piling on the false hope of self-improvement, Goehmann consistently points readers to Christ’s unrelenting grace and mercy. The world needs the hope that this book brings—not hope in our earthy rulers, relationships, or job status, but hope in the restorative Gospel of Christ Jesus.”

Bethany Werner, director of Children and Family Ministries, Messiah Lutheran Church