A new book explaining why membership matters is now available from Concordia Publishing House.

Connected to Christ: Why Membership Matters by Rev. Peter Speckhard explains why membership in the church is a crucial aspect of Christianity, and why church membership is about more than showing up and tithing.

The book covers the types of membership, the purpose of the church, and why membership is more than “pray, pay, and obey.” It also encourages readers to trust and verify their own pastors and congregations, and how to respond to objections about church membership.

This brief yet substantial book calls on readers to consider church membership as a way to support each other, grow, and receive God’s gifts.

For more information on Connected to Christ: Why Membership Matters or to order the book, please visitcph.org/connectedtochrist or contact Lindsey Martie, Public Relations, by phone at 314-268-1303 or by email at Lindsey.Martie@cph.org.