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Devotions and Prayer at Home—Part 3

By: Joe Willmann

In the previous post, I talked about using our hymnals in your daily devotional and prayer life. This post will be an extension of that conversation.

Warning: This is a fanboy post.

The book I am about to talk about—well, to put it bluntly: I love this book. Of all the amazing things I have learned in my short time at CPH, one of the things I have enjoyed learning about the most is the Treasury of Daily Prayer! The Curriculum and Sunday School team use it every day in our morning devotions. This is a book that I had seen before, but I never really knew what it was. To some, this post may read like an advertisement. I truly don’t mean it to be that, but I get really excited about some things, and TDP is one of those things.

What it is, is AWESOME!

(I warned you that this is a fan boy post.)

Treasury of Daily Prayer is a daily devotional tool that follows the Church Year at the Daily Lectionary. Included for every day are a Psalm Reading, an Old Testament Reading, a New Testament Reading, a Writing from a Church Father, a Hymn suggestion, a Prayer of the Day, and a Suggested Reading from the Book of Concord. Add on top of that Matins, Vespers, Compline, Morning and Evening Prayer, all of the Daily Prayer settings, Responsive Prayer 1 and 2, and The Litany. And for kicks, it even includes Luther’s Small Catechism!

For the TLDR (too long, didn’t read) crowd: In a nutshell, it has a LOT.

Connecting prayer and devotion

For the family who is looking for something that is repetitive (see previous post), Lutheran, and easy to use, this is your book. There is an easy to use (once you learn it) marking system in the book that lets you easily jump from place to place during use. For example, it is very easy to jump from Daily Prayer—Morning to the day’s readings and back to Daily Prayer. There’s also the flexibility to use just one of the Scripture readings a day. It is an amazing tool!

And it has an app?

Yes! Look in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Pray Now. It is the digital version of the Treasury of Daily Prayer, and it includes everything you need for daily prayer and devotion.

Bringing it all together

Last week, we talked about leading your family’s devotional life with the hymnal. TDP is a great addition to the mix. While the rest of your family may be reading out of Lutheran Service Book, you can be leading out of TDP. This can even go over into the parish! If you are leading a Bible Study, think about starting all of your studies with one of the Daily Prayer settings. This will set an example for parents and families of a great way to spend some time daily in God’s Holy Word.

Next week

Next week, we will look at devotions through one of the great teaching books Dr. Martin Luther left us: Luther’s Small Catechism.

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