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Concordia Publishing House Releases Concordia Commentary Romans 9–16

“A distinctly Lutheran and Gospel-driven reading of Romans”


Concordia Publishing House announces the release of the thirtieth volume in the Concordia Commentary series, Romans 9–16, written by Dr. Michael P. Middendorf. This volume completes Dr. Middendorf’s exposition of the epistle, as his first volume covered Romans 1–8.

Romans 9–16 provides extensive insights for scholars and pastors, featuring a clear exposition of the theological message of Paul’s most comprehensive epistle. In this letter, Paul conveys the essence of the Christian faith in a universal manner that has been cherished by believers—and challenged by unbelievers—perhaps more so than any other biblical book.

Readers will find in this commentary detailed textual notes on the Greek, a careful examination of Paul’s presentation of Law and Gospel in the context of each section, an evaluation of crucial issues in each passage, an analysis of the overall flow of Paul’s argument, and reflections on the epistle’s contributions to the Christian faith as a whole.

Critical Acclaim for Romans 9–16

“This commentary is a distinctly Lutheran and Gospel-driven reading of Romans that analyses the letter through careful exegesis. Its two volumes (totaling over 1,600 pages) provide ample scope for discussion of the major debates over the epistle and for dissecting the text for students of it. The commentary is suitable for pastors, laymen, and academics alike and as such, a breath of fresh air.”

—Dr. Samuli Siikavirta (Cantab.), St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Helsinki, The Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland

“The second volume of Dr. Middendorf’s work on Romans is very welcome indeed. I found it especially helpful in bringing us up-to-date on the range of various views of the epistle which have surfaced since the previous generation of commentaries. Middendorf has proven quite able at leading nonspecialists deeply into the words of St. Paul and what he is really saying, as opposed to arriving at premature conclusions based on a surface reading alone. Readers of the Concordia Commentary series will be glad to add this new contribution to the strong lineup we have already seen. This book has left me itching to get out there and unpack the treasures of Romans as a preacher to Christ’s people!”

—Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee, president, Lutheran Church–Canada

“Throughout the Book of Romans, Paul keeps Jesus Christ and the kingdom that his death and resurrection have graciously brought us at the heart of the discussion. And in this commentary, Dr. Michael Middendorf does the same with the skill of a professor and an exegete as well as with the heart of a pastor who cares for his people. Not only are there original-language nuggets and detailed textual research throughout, but Dr. Middendorf also brings to bear the Church Fathers, the Lutheran Confessions, and other scholars to amplify the centrality of the Gospel in all things. Especially helpful are the summary sections of the work that recap the message for both the lay reader and the pastor. Romans clearly delineates the person and work of Jesus as the key that unlocks the whole of the Scriptures. Dr. Michael Middendorf provides an in-depth, comprehensive look into what that Good News means for us all. This commentary is a must-have on every believer’s shelf.”

—Rev. Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, the voice of The Lutheran Hour, Lutheran Hour Ministries

“Michael Middendorf’s commentary on Romans is now complete! It is a pleasure to welcome this work on Romans 9–16, which displays the same fine characteristics of the first volume. The thorough, thoughtful, and careful interaction with other interpreters of Romans and contemporary literature that runs through the commentary is truly excellent. Yet Middendorf listens first and foremost to the text and faithfully formulates his own answers to interpretive questions. His patient hearing of the text will bring other readers of Romans to do so as well. His cross-referencing and review of earlier sections of his argument is especially useful and will help others to understand the message of Romans as a whole. This commentary will have its impact in the pulpit and in the pew.”

—Dr. Mark Seifrid, professor of exegetical theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

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About Dr. Michael Middendorf

Michael P. Middendorf was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. He received all of his education at Lutheran schools, including a BA in preseminary studies from Concordia University, St. Paul (1981), where he subsequently served for three years as an admissions counselor and guest instructor of Greek. After enrolling at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, he earned his MDiv (1987), STM (1989), and ThD (1990). Dr. Middendorf served as a parish pastor in Jamestown, North Dakota, from 1990 to 1992 and then as a professor of religion and biblical languages at Concordia University Texas (in Austin) from 1992 to 2001. Since 2001, he has been a professor of theology in Christ College at Concordia University Irvine, California. He is also a pastoral assistant at Trinity Cristo Rey Lutheran Church, a bilingual congregation in Santa Ana, California.

About the Concordia Commentary Series

Birthed in the Lutheran tradition, the Concordia Commentary series employs the best of exegetical, linguistic, and historical scholarship to elucidate the Word of God for the church and world today. Each volume is designed to enable professors, pastors, and teachers of the Word to proclaim the Gospel with greater insight, clarity, and faithfulness to the divine intent of the inspired biblical text.

About Concordia Publishing House

Concordia Publishing House (CPH) is the publishing arm of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. For 150 years, CPH has been providing individuals, churches, and schools with products that are faithful to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. From books and Bibles to church supplies, curriculum, and software, CPH offers over 10,000 products to support the proclamation of the Gospel worldwide. Visit CPH online at