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Concordia Publishing House Announces a New Women’s Bible Study on Trusting God

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Coffee or tea? Dogs or cats? Stay up late or early to bed? Apple or Android? Life presents a dizzying array of choices for nearly every decision we may be facing. Some choices seem insignificant while others are critical. Our human nature has a difficult time remembering to trust in God when we are inundated with choices. 

“God’s wisdom is the foundation for living a Christian life,” writes Margo Heath-Dupre. “With the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able to hold onto our faith, which gives us knowledge of how to conduct ourselves and assures us that it is God who receives the glory.”

Using nine “mentors” from Scripture, Be Thou My Guide urges readers to think intentionally about growing closer to Jesus, trusting in Him above all else.

“To live as people of God means to be in a relationship with God in His Word and in the Sacraments,” writes Heath-Dupre. “The wisdom we gain through our relationship with Him will not make our lives easier in the way the world would have us expect. Rather, the wisdom gained in knowing who Jesus is and what He is doing for us provides us with the comfort of knowing that whatever challenges we face in life, we are not alone.”

Be Thou My Guide can be used for individual or group study. Using Be Thou My Guide in a group not only allows for personal growth but also offers the added benefit of deepening friendships through fellowship. Using this workbook for individual study offers the opportunity to better understand your current relationship with God mediated by the external Word (the Bible) and Sacrament.

To learn more or to order the study, visit or contact Lindsey Martie, public relations, by phone at 314-268-1303 or by email at

About Margo Heath-Dupre

Margo Heath-Dupre loves teaching, writing, and the visual arts, which is evident in her roles as educator, speaker, author, school principal, wife, and mother. She is actively engaged with the leadership of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League and advocates for biblical literacy, women’s concerns, and teaching Christian values. Margo and her husband, Pastor Brian Dupre, have four grown children and currently make their home in Michigan.

About Concordia Publishing House

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