The Book of Psalms is one of the most distinct and quoted books of the Bible. Written in the form of songs and poems, Engaging the Psalms: A Guide for Reflection and Prayer captures the array of human emotion and sets the scene for the rest of Scripture. This book contains 150 psalms with footnotes, supplemental devotions, designated space for notes and reflections, prayers, and theological remarks. This resource incorporates a threefold approach to understanding the Psalms: request the Spirit’s help in prayer, read and repeat the Word, and return to the Lord in prayer.

“The Psalms are (mostly) short and quickly read,” editor Pete Jurchen said. “Throughout these 150 songs, the reader experiences the full range of the human experience.”

The Psalms naturally give the reader a thorough depiction of what it means to be a child of God, all within a few verses. “The small section of Scripture that makes up the Psalms forms a wonderful introduction to more in-depth Bible reading. At the same time, their richness appeals to Christians of all ages and all levels of maturity,” Jurchen said.

It is critical to read and understand these sacred songs. Throughout the Book of Psalms, God reveals much about His plan and purpose in sending a Savior. These life-giving words provide Christians with hope, perseverance, explanation, and insight. Engaging the Psalms captures this information in a user-friendly format. It is a perfect addition to your devotional routine.

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