Concordia Publishing House announces the release of Rev. Matthew Rueger’s Sexual Morality in a Christless World. One year ago, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the country. Christians struggle to respond as they deal with condescension and contempt from the secular culture. But as Pastor Rueger points out, being a Christian means being countercultural.

Sexual Morality examines the immorality of culture, but not just ours. Rueger puts our challenges in context as he details the Roman and Jewish cultures’ response to sexual morality, laying the foundation for a thoroughly considered Christian perspective, a perspective every Christian must read.

Rueger seeks to equip Christians with a detailed, thoughtful response to homosexuality. His book includes a faithful explanation of Bible passages; shows how to speak about homosexuality with sensitivity, love, and care for others; explains how to answer society’s frequently raised objections; and ends with love in a conclusion titled “I Just Want to Hear the Gospel.” Without a doubt, this book is for the modern Christian. The truth gets harder to defend in our secular world, but Pastor Rueger’s book prepares you to do just that.

Sexual Morality in a Christless World discusses a subject difficult and uncomfortable to talk about, but already its competence is receiving praise:

“This book is both faithful to Scripture and pastoral in approach. . . . I pray that it will be widely read. It will offer clarity to many who want to believe the truth but don’t always know how to defend it.”

—Rev. Daniel Preus, DD; Third Vice President, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

“Instead of hand-wringing, Rueger gives advice for remaining true to the Christian witness. . . . This book would be a terrific resource for adult Bible classes or for older teens and parents to provide discussion material for navigating the moral and biblical questions of our time.”

—Professor Scott and Julie Stiegemeyer, authors of Your Marriage by God’s Design (CPH, 2014) 

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About the Author

Matthew Rueger is pastor at St. John Lutheran Church in Hubbard, Iowa. He and his wife, Dana, have seven children. Rev. Rueger’s degrees include a bachelor of arts degree from Concordia University Wisconsin in theological languages and humanities (1985), an MDiv from Concordia Theological Seminary (1990), and a PhD in Christology from Durham University in England (2004). He has served numerous positions within the Iowa District East, and is currently Second Vice President and Chairman of the District Board of Directors.