Concordia Publishing House announces the release of Praying Luther’s Small Catechism from Rev. John T. Pless. The catechism finds itself in the hands of every Lutheran going through confirmation class, but too often it finds itself dusty on a shelf years later. Rev. Pless has a solution that originates with Luther himself: we should pray the catechism.

What does this mean? Praying has an answer. Pless dives into the subject vigorously, creating the ultimate how-to guide for catechismal prayer. He explains why praying the catechism is important, shows what each part of the catechism means as well as its relation to the rest of the catechism, and provides us with well-constructed prayers that reflect the beauty of Lutheran doctrine, acknowledge our need for our Savior, and plead for His mercy again and again.

Praying belongs on any shelf, but pastors, teachers, and scholars need to study and use this rich resource especially. Its appendices and comprehensive bibliography demand the attention of anyone interested in catechisms. The practical prayers it provides the reader invite ministers and laity alike to fall to their knees and pray fervently to their Lord. Rev. Pless has shared a unique treasure with us in Praying Luther’s Small Catechism, and now we, too, can join him in praying our Lutheran doctrine.

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About the Author

Rev. John T. Pless is assistant professor of pastoral ministry and missions at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is the book review editor for Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology and a member of the editorial council of Lutheran Quarterly. In addition, Rev. Pless is co-president of the International Loehe Society, a regular lecturer at various conferences, and a member of the LCMS Committee on the Sanctity of Human Life.