When children are learning to read, they painstakingly sound out every word. They slowly work their way through a sentence, connecting syllables and words and concepts. They’re learning.

But children also learn when someone else reads to them—when they hear the words and follow along in the book, connecting how words sound with how they appear on the page.

Children need to be read to and to read on their own to develop their skills and confidence in reading. The Hear Me Read Bible: Level 2 is written for children ages 6–8 and aids them in both types of reading necessary for growth.

Each of the eight stories included in the book retells a popular Bible story in 32 pages in a way that is easy to read but will challenge your early reader with new words. Children will grow in their knowledge of their Savior, Jesus, who is at the center of every Bible story.

Written by Dr. Mary Manz Simon, an early childhood educator and grandmother of five, The Hear Me Read Bible: Level 2 will become a staple in a child’s reading life. And for the adult reading with the child, there are a few words of encouragement and explanation at the beginning of each story to aid in teaching Bible concepts and words.

For more information on The Hear Me Read Bible: Level 2 or to order the book, please visit cph.org/hearmeread or contact Lindsey Martie, Public Relations, by phone at 314-268-1303 or by email at Lindsey.Martie@cph.org.

About Dr. Mary Manz Simon

Dr. Mary Manz Simon is a recognized parenting specialist, reading specialist, and marketing trend-spotter. She is a frequent speaker in the Christian Book Association and at schools and churches throughout the The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Her syndicated radio spot, “Front Porch Parenting,” is broadcast in St. Louis on KFUO and on radio stations throughout the United States. She is also the author of several CPH books.